Vocabulary Instruction: Importance and Integration

Below is a PD I created to share the importance of vocabulary instruction for all of our students, as well as effective ways to concretely integrate vocabulary instruction throughout the school day. We built may routines (See "Creating a Word Conscious Classroom" above!) that I would love to share with you!

Vocabulary PowerPoint Introduction:  

The PP below is a great way to introduce vocabulary explicitly.  While it all comes up at once here, I animate the PP to first show the word, then the picture, then the definition (this way they can try to guess the word based on picture clues first-a great skill!) then a sentence using the word in context and finally a prompt to get them to Turn and Talk and use the word in a sentence with context as well.  This a great way to introduce the words orally and/or have the students create dictionaries with the words.

Vocabulary Cards:

Below is an example of a vocabulary card template that includes a picture of the title of the book or unit (left), the word and definition (middle) and a picture of the word (right).  These are great to laminate and hang on the wall for constant reference.  Also to consistently use for spiraled review.  Ideally explicit vocabulary teaching includes mostly tier 2 words, but some tier 3 and tier 1 where necessary. (see "Professional Development" on "Vocabulary Instruction: Importance and Integration" for more information on vocabulary instruction and tiered words)

Teach vocabulary in Student's Native Language as well in order to develop students' L1, as well as help them access content with new vocabulary! 

Vocabulary Dictionaries:

(templates below for what I use for 1st and Kinder--I photocopy double sided and staple together about 15-20 sheets per dictionary) Vocabulary Dictionaries are a WONDERFUL way for English Language Learners to define, visualize and make meaning with their new words with context, and have a place to go back to review and spiral their words.  They absolutely love creating them and have a sense of pride seeing all the new words they learn over the years!  It also allows a wonderful opportunity for students to create resources they will want to revisit time and time again, and utilize during all of the fun vocabulary activities they will be encountering in a great ELL program!  

Vocabulary Listening PPs!

Vocabulary Listening PPs are a great way to introduce vocabulary during Center Time!  Below is an example of a Vocabulary Listening PP for Kindergarten that introduced tier 2 vocabulary words from the book "A Pocket for Corduroy."  Each student makes a dictionary with this PP (see template directly above) with the word and an image.  For upper grades, they also include a definition of the word!   *Note:  It seems the media does not play here, but I record my voice saying each word, definition, a sentence and incorporating different language goals throughout the PP as students draw and write.  It is a great way to introduce vocabulary without taking up another block of time! Please contact me if you would like to learn more.

Vocabulary Practice and Integration through Vocabulary Activities!

It is crucial to practice and integrate vocabulary words throughout the school day.  (see Vocabulary PD above on Vocabulary Importance and Integration!) Below is a "choice board," which is a great visual to hang in all classrooms to remind teachers and students of all the great ways to practice vocabulary and build word consciousness throughout the school day!  If you have a visual, the likelihood of implementation is so much greater! And the kids LOVE getting to choose! :) (especially when it involves the Word Wizards! ;)) (I often model these activities concretely in the classroom during morning meeting or vocabulary hour, so teachers are able to learn and take it on throughout the school day!)

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