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Videos para ayudarte aprender y enseñar!

Compare and Contrast / Comparar y Contrastar:  This video teaches what it means to compare and contrast and gives you language to do so! Este video te enseña como comparar y contrastar y la lenguaje a hacerlo!

Alliteration Overview and Song (Resumen y Canción de Aliteración): This is a video to teach alliteration and sing a song to help you remember it! :) Este es un video a enseñar aliteración y cantar una canción para ayudarte recordarla! :)

Alliteration Anthem (Himno de Aliteración):  A song to help you remember alliteration in a way that you will never forget!! :) Una canción para ayudarte recordar aliteración en una manera que nunca olvidarás! :)

Like Versus Likes:  This is a video to teach the difference between "like" and "likes" and to sing a song to practice! :) Este es un vidéo a enseñar la diferencia entre "like" y "likes" y a cantar un canción para practicar! :)

Feelings from Inside Out: Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear and Sadness talking about feelings! :)

Letter and Sounds: This video teaches letters and sounds and helps students review them!

Vowels/Vocales! A video to teach the vowels and how to "stretch out your words" to listen for, and write, each vowel! Un video para enseñar los vocales y como "estrechar sus palabras" para escuchar y escribir cada vocal!

Stretching out Words:  A video to help you stretch out your words to spell them, using sound boxes and listening for each sound!

Vowels: This video will help you learn all of the vowels (a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y) and that all words have a vowel! It will also help you stretch out your words to listen carefully for which vowel will be in each word...!

Finger Space Between Words: A video to help you learn how to make finger spaces between your words when you write and edit your writing to double check that you did this before you publish your writing!

Plural Nouns:  This video introduces plural nouns and helps students review them.

Plural Nouns: This is a video that will help you remember how to make nouns plural!

Nouns: An introduction to what a noun is.

Noun Song:  A song to teach you what a noun is!

Past Tense -ed: A video to help you learn how to read and write words that happened in the past, with -ed at the end!

Detail: A little piece of information; Tell me more!  A song to help you remember details and "wh" words!

Sequence: The order of the story (first, next, last)  A lesson and song to help you remember!

How to Revise: A video that explains how to revise by: adding details, changing things and thinking "What else can I write?"

Placement and directional prepositions and a song to teach them! :) (up, down, in, out, over, under, in front of, behind, on, next to, around, between, through, across)

Preposition Song: Song and actions to learn placement and directional preposition words!

Character Trait=tells what someone is like; their personality. A song to help you remember what a character trait is, and how to figure out what someone's character traits by what they do and say!

Linking Words!  Palabras Para Conectar Oraciones!  Linking words to help you make BIG sentences! (and, also, because, but, even though, despite) Palabras para conectar oraciónes a hacer oraciones más grandes (y, también, porque, pero, aunque, a pesar de)

Linking Words Song/Canción de Palabras para conectar oraciónes: A song to help you remember to make your sentences BIG with linking words! (and, also, because, but, even though, despite...) Un canción para ayudarte recordar a hacer grandes sus oraciónes con palabras para conectarlas (y, también, porque, pero, aunque, a pesar de...)

Quiet Writing Time with Resources / Tiempo Tranquilo Para Escribir Con Recursos: A quick overview of some early writing tips (use a sound map to stretch out words, use a sight word wall, use transition and linking words, leave finger spaces...) and then 20 minutes of quiet music and a print rich writing background to help your child write at home!
Algunos recordatorios para escribir (estrechar las palabras, usa palabras de vista, deja espacios entre sus palabras, usa palabras de transición y conectar para hacer oraciones más grandes...) y 20 minutos de música tranquila y un fondo para ayudar su niño/a escribir en casa!
Feelings and Actions / Sentimientos y Acciónes: A short video that reviews feeling words and actions, and shows how to look at what a character is doing to explain how they are feeling.  
Un video corto para revisar palabras de sentimientos y acciónes, y muestra como mirar que esta haciendo un personaje para explicar como se siente.

Sight Word Video / Video de Palabras de Vista! This is a sight word video that includes images and motions to help children remember them! They align with the A-B level Fountas and Pinnell Books! Esta es un vidéo que incluye imagenes y movimientos para que los niños pueden recordarlas. Están usados en los libros de Fountas y Pinnell al nivel A-B.

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